Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog! This blog is intended as a starting point for conversations and big ideas and we are excited to have a place to share more in-depth information and where we can facilitate discussions between our Centre members.

If you would like to write a guest blog please contact the Centre Heads Kate Cook k.cook@mmu.ac.uk or Sally Jones sjones@mmu.ac.uk



FiLiA Feminist Conference is coming to Salford 20-12 October 2018.  Weekend ticket £50 full price (£20 concessions) and there are also day tickets.
With dozens of speakers, hundreds of attendees, a creche and children’s workshops as well as art and an evening party.

More details: www.filia.org.uk

Footsteps to Inspire

Footsteps to Inspire: Running across the world to promote peace and inspire change for survivors of sexual violence
Thursday 11 October, 12-1pm,
On 18 July 2016, Claire McFarlane began running 16km of beach in every country and dependency of the world: that’s 230 countries and over 3500km of beach. Why? To promote peace and inspire change for survivors of sexual violence.​
It’s called Footsteps To Inspire and is a world first, both as an expedition and social cause. Claire is using beach running and adventure travel to tackle this difficult issue in a more positive, empowering way, and to be an example that is possible to survive and thrive after a life trauma. By running beaches around the world, Claire is uniting communities and igniting change on how we talk about rape. Claire knows how hard it is to be a survivor because she is one. Through peaceful outreach and sharing her own personal story, Claire is fast becoming a voice of hope and inspiration to many.
Join us on Thursday 11th October to hear Claire share her story and talk about her travels so far – this inspirational speaker is not to be missed!


Suffrage Symposium Report


On Wednesday 26th September a group of us got together to learn more about the struggle for women’s suffrage.  Pro-Vice Chancellor Julia Clarke was kind enough to launch our Symposium, with a reminder that we are working on having a plaque, in Sylvia’s memory, added to the School of Art building, where Sylvia studied.  This might be delayed for a while, due to the current building works, but meanwhile we are working on remembering Sylvia’s work and art (above is a reproduction of one of the “Angels of Freedom” she designed for the W.S.P.U.).

Edith Rigby

Our first speaker was Dr Eleanor Byrne, from the English Department, talking about Edith Rigby’s incendiary act, on Rivington Pike.  In 1913, Edith burned down a holiday home belonging to the Lever family, asking whether the house was more useful as one of many homes to a rich family or burning as a beacon “to King and Country to see here are some intolerable grievances for women”.  Ellie’s talk had everyone thinking about the choices the suffragettes made and taught us all about someone a little less well known.  Ellie also told everyone that Certain Curtain Theatre Company have a new play about Edith, currently touring.

Con and Eva.jpgNext up was Dr Fionna Barber from the School of Art, talking about Constance Markievicz and her sister Eva Gore-Booth.  Both women worked for women’s suffrage and a range of other causes, including, in Constance’s case, Irish independence.  That said, the two sisters took quite different approaches, with Constance able and willing to be involved in militant activism and Eva, a pacifist and vegetarian, aiming to work in quite different ways.  We had a reproduction of an exhibition about the sisters, for everyone to look at and Fionna’s talk brought to life the day when Constance drove a coach and four through Manchester, stopping in Stevenson Square for Eva to climb on top of the coach and address to women workers.

Con coach and four.jpg

I spoke last, talking about Sylvia’s legacy and our struggle to live up to her, within the Sylvia Pankhurst Gender and Diversity Research Centre.  We then had a good discussion about the centenary celebration and what we might do next!  The Symposium ended with some wonderful music from Annie Muse and Claire Mooney .  Thank you to everyone who spoke and sang and especially to the students from Manchester Law School who helped out.  Our next event will be in November and full details will follow shortly, so watch this space!


Suffrage Symposium

The Sylvia Pankhurst Gender and Diversity Research Centre is pleased to announce our next event in celebration of the centenary of votes for some women. “Suffrage Symposium: A convivial discussion in words and music” is open to researchers, activists, students and everyone else interested in women’s rights.  The event is on Wednesday 26th September, from 4-7 pm and features talks, discussion, music, exhibits, stalls and free refreshments.  For full details and to book your FREE ticket please go to : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/suffrage-symposium-tickets-49294779011

Thank you, Kate.

Call For Papers – Here Versus There: Beyond Comparison in Queer and Sexuality Politics, National University of Ireland Maynooth, 18th June 2019

In sexual and gender politics, the Global North can be seen as ‘won’ and ‘sorted’, in contrast to a Global South that needs support to achieve Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and other sexual/gendered rights. This has specific effects both in places such as Ireland and the UK, where the politicisation of sexual and gendered lives moves ‘elsewhere’, and also for these ‘elsewheres’ marked as ‘unsafe’, ‘unfriendly’ and ‘backward’.  This conference is seeking papers, provocations and discussions that investigate both the creation of the binaries of here/there, Global North/Global South in terms of sexual and gender politics, legalities and geographies. 
Academics, activists, policy makers and all who are interested are invited to submit a proposal to contribute to this one-day event. Contributions can take multiple forms, including presentations, films and artistic expressions.
It is anticipated that the day will be used to create a proposal for a special issue.
Accessible buildings will be used and there will be a sliding scale for registrations, including a free option for those who cannot pay.  For any other support needs, please let get in touch.
Proposals of no more than 250 words should be submitted here by Friday 30th November 2018: https://goo.gl/forms/Qjy7hC3tiE8EFSRM2
 For further information please contact Kay Lalor k.lalor@mmu.ac.uk or Kath Browne Kath.Browne@mu.ie