Successful Research Showcase

Members of the Sylvia Pankhurst Gender Research Centre met on 16th May to showcase examples of research underway and to hear about future plans and ideas.  We also welcomed a visiting speaker from the Pankhurst Trust, who talked about the research needs of their part of the voluntary sector.

Eight centre members spoke about ongoing research into topics from shared parental leave to gender disparity in Computer Games students; and Dr Kate Cook also introduced the idea of the “Sylvia Series” of seminars, which aim to host events to mark the centenary of votes for women, which occurs in 2018.

The first seminar and meetings for the autumn term of 2017 will be announced in July. In the meantime we will take a break, but may I remind everyone to register for Feminist Reflections on 21st July and to email Jamie Atkinson if you have any business contacts who might be willing to get involved with his shared parental leave research.

Many thanks

Dr Kate Cook




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