ESRI Event: ‘Where/What are the Feminisms in the New Materialisms’?

Friday 29 April, 4.00-5.30, Brooks G.16

Following on from the recent, well-attended ‘Beginner’s Guide’ to the New Materialisms, I’m happy to announce another, very exciting event. This will be a panel session involving 9 researchers who are working and publishing in the area of new materialisms, Deleuzian philosophy or other engagements with materialities. We are all actively involved in thinking through theoretical and methodological issues, as well as carrying out a wide range of empirical projects. Here’s the line-up:

Felicity Colman, Manchester School of Art, MMU

Stephanie Curley, ESRI

Liz de Freitas, ESRI

Rachel Holmes, ESRI

Gabrielle Ivinson, ESRI

Maggie MacLure, ESRI

Jayne Osgood, Middlesex University

Emma Renold, Cardiff University

Jessica Ringrose, UCL Institute of Education

Carol Taylor, Sheffield Hallam University

I’ll send out biographical details and other info later, but I wanted to get the date in the diaries. It’s an exciting opportunity to catch all of us in one place! If you’d like to come, please email Barbara Ashcroft so that we can order enough tea and coffee.

Best, and more soon,


Professor Maggie MacLure –¬†Education and Social Research Institute, MMU.


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