Lesbian and Bisexual Women & Violence, Abuse and Coercive Control

LGBT Foundation’s Women’s Programme is soon to launch a campaign for lesbian and bisexual women on abuse. This campaign aims to raise awareness of lesbian and bisexual women’s experiences of abuse, including the barriers to seeking help, and empower the community to better understand what abuse is.

You are invited to this event on Thursday July 14th, 5:45pm – 9:30pm at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, M15 6BH.

Again this event aims to raise awareness of lesbian and bisexual women’s experiences and increase understanding around abuse. However, it is particularly focussed on creating a safe space of solidarity around abuse for lesbian and bisexual women, providing opportunities for those affected to get support and increasing discussion around how we can all take action to better support this group.

The schedule will be released in due course, but the event will provisionally feature:

–          a space for up to 15 local abuse services to hold stalls and engage with attendees

–          an opportunity for lesbian and bisexual women’s experiences of abuse to be                   anonymously shared

–          a talk by professionals about the issues and barriers faced by lesbian and bisexual women who have been affected by abuse

–          a discussion on what more we can do to support lesbian and bisexual women affected by abuse

Please get in touch with me by June 30th if you are interested in the following:

–          Sending representatives (max. 2 people) from your organisation to the event

–          Having a stall at the event

–          Acting as a “talking library” to discuss a certain issue surrounding abuse. (TBC)

Additionally, if you are aware of any lesbian and bisexual women who have been affected by abuse that may want to submit their stories to be read out and/or displayed anonymously on the night and shared online during the social media campaign, or alternatively tell their stories themselves on the night, please ask them to email me at claudia.carvell@lgbt.foundation. In order to ensure that the event is representative of all lesbian and bisexual women, we are particularly looking for BAMER, trans, disabled, older and young lesbian and bisexual women to share their experiences.

If you want to attend but not in the capacity above (i.e. not as a representative of your organisation), the Eventbrite for the general public to sign-up to the event will go live next week so please watch out for a second email then.

Thank you so much to those that been involved in supporting the campaign so far and I hope to see many of you at the event in July.

All the best,

Claudia Carvell – Women’s Programme Co-ordinator
T: 0345 3 30 30 30 | X: 324
F: 0161 235 8036
E: claudia.carvell@lgbt.foundation


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