Sylvia Pankhurst Gender Research Centre appoints New Visiting Professor

The Centre is delighted to welcome Dr Helen Pankhurst as its first Visiting Professor for 2016. Dr Pankhurst is a women’s rights activist and senior advisor to CARE International, based in the UK and in Ethiopia.  Her work in Ethiopia includes support in the development of program across different sectors, focused on the interests and needs of women and girls.  In the UK she is a public speaker and writer on feminist issues. Helen is the great-granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst and granddaughter of Sylvia Pankhurst.


Professor Julia Rouse, Co-Head of the Sylvia, said:

“We are so genuinely thrilled to be working with Helen Pankhurst as our first Visiting Professor. The Sylvia Pankhurst Gender Research Centre is all about creating top-notch evidence and using this to drive greater gender equality. We couldn’t have a better partner in this endeavour than Helen. She has incredible knowledge of women’s history, a track record of creating change for the poorest women, fantastic networks in the women’s movement and a strong scholarly understanding of gender. As a Visiting Professor she will make a vital contribution to our research and impact work and, of course, her family history means we will be continuously inspired by the courageous and effective activism of Sylvia Pankhurst by learning more and more about her life”

In her role of Visiting Professor, it is hoped that Helen will share her practice-based knowledge of women and development to deepen the Centre’s ‘Global Women and Girls’ theme in terms of research and impact. She is currently writing a book exploring progress in women’s empowerment since 1918 and the Centre hopes to be able to support its publication and dissemination as part of its programme of events planned for the 100th anniversary in 2018.
For more on the Centre and its work please visit:


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