The Vaginalogue – sparking a dialogue around that which is often deemed ‘icky’

Calling women everywhere, let me ask you:

  • Have you ever been confused about the mechanics of your downstairs?
  • Ever stumped a qualified doctor with your very existence?
  • Having trouble remembering that one biology lesson on bodily anatomy?

If the answer to any of the above is yes (and I’m almost certain it is), I have one more question for you:

Did you struggle to find help, support or information?

So did I.

Off the top of my head I can think of dozens of times when I, a friend, a relative or even an acquaintance had some sort of issue ‘down there’ and felt alone, alienated or even ashamed because of it. After my own experiences I wanted to open up a dialogue, or perhaps better put, a vaginalogue…

What is The Vaginalogue?

The Vaginalogue is a blog for any woman who’s ever been mystified by their beautiful flesh palace. Navigating our bodies in all their confusing, oozing, glory – one awkward anomaly at a time. The idea of The Vaginalogue is to open up a dialogue about the icky bits of daily life for a woman that we so seldom talk about in the public domain.

So far we have pieces from comedians, doctors, writers, actresses and anonymous women on ‘taboo’ topics such as Toxic Shock Syndrome, Cervical Erosions, Hysterectomies, Mooncups, FGM and Peri Natal Mental Illness.

These may not sound ‘taboo’ to you or I but when we live in a society where women still feel like they have to shove tampons up their sleeves on the way to the loo to shield the world from the underwhelming fact that they’re bleeding that day, a public blog about your new Mooncup becomes an act of REBELLION.

Why do we need The Vaginalogue?

We want to combat the ‘mystical’ nature of women’s bodies, the unknown, the unsaid. Not only this, but the lack of information and resources available for women on sexual, physical and mental health leaves it tricky to talk about in privacy to family, friends or doctors. This lack of information discourages women from opening up about their bodies, health or experiences and can be incredibly dangerous, or even fatal in some cases.

We want to put an end to that through sharing our experiences online, to let each other know that we’re not alone.

Since launching in September 2016 The Vaginalogue has seen an astonishing response from women all over the world. If you’re a self-defining woman with a story to share, anonymously or otherwise, then please send submissions to

Or, if you’re feeling brave, support The Vaginalogue by tweeting your experiences in 140 characters or less with the hashtag ‘#clitbait’.

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