Librarian Margaret Kendall introduces Manchester Metropolitan’s LGBTQ Resources guide

The Manchester Metropolitan library service’s new topic guide on  LGBTQ Resources (  is designed to support research on LGBTQ issues in any subject.  The guide has the following sections:

  • Books

This includes  a list of over 100 books and electronic books relating to LGBTQ issues available on a wide range of subjects, for example Art, Education, History, Law, Literature, Science and Sociology.  There is also guidance in finding LGBTQ books in the library and getting further help.

  • Journals and newspapers

This gives a selection of electronic journals, e.g. GLQ: a journal of lesbian and gay studies, and help in finding relevant journal and newspaper articles from a range of sources.

  • DVDS and broadcast media

This includes a selected list of documentaries and films available to borrow on DVD from the library or watch online as a streamed broadcast.

  • Law

This includes links to web sites about the Equality Law in the UK and LGBT rights in other countries, examples of case law and where to find them.

  • Archives and Special Collections

This includes links to Manchester, national and international resources for further research.

For further help, please contact the relevant subject librarian for your research at All Saints or Crewe




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