Andrea Aviet: writes about the ESRC Festival event on Coercive Control:


I am currently on a tour of the UK (and further afield) to promote my book, White Sorrow and raise awareness of the different forms of domestic violence.  When I went through my personal battle, it wasn’t against the law for a husband to control and manipulate their wife. I couldn’t press charges, there was nowhere to turn and I felt like I was going slightly crazy!  When I heard about the new law, and more specifically the event that Dr Kate Cook was holding to look at the changes that had occurred in its first year, I was keen to help.

I travelled from London to Manchester to take part in the event at Salford University where around 60 people met to discuss coercive control in relationships and to hear testimonies of women’s experience of this damaging abuse.  As well as being proud to read out excerpts from my book, I was very moved to hear other women’s stories – all different but all with the same echoing theme.

It made me realise that I had done the right thing putting my experience onto paper – not only did it serve as a vent outlet for me, and a reference to my daughters for the future on what not to put up with, it was also something that lots of women could take solace in and resonate with.  The fact that I hope to raise money for domestic violence charities is just the cream on the coffee for me.

I was very excited to meet Sian Hawkins from Women’s Aid too. Hopefully we can work together in the future now.  My book is available on Amazon as a paperback or to download, and also on Ebay, from which I can send you a signed copy. Just search for White Sorrow.


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