Can you help MASH at Christmas?



Over the festive season we hold celebrations for women who tend to be estranged from their families and for whom Christmas can be an isolating and difficult time. We can’t do it without help & support.


We will be opening the MASH Drop-In Centre on Fri 9th Dec for the Christmas Fair (11:30am – 2:00pm). Women at the Drop-In have been busy making crafts, cards and goodies to sell. There will be mince pies & coffee, bric-a-brac and a fantastic raffle of a signed Yuan Mata Mcr Utd photo. Everyone is welcome. Please invite your friends and family.

On Fri 16th Dec we will be cooking up a delicious 3 course Christmas Dinner at the MASH Drop-In. We are looking for Santas Helpers to come and along and peel some spuds or help serve the meal. If you can help please let Dan know.


We make Christmas special by giving each woman a gift bag of goodies & practical items. We are looking for kind supporters to donate a medium sized Gift Bag containing gloves, socks, an umbrella, box of chocs, hairbrush, toothbrush & toothpaste, one item of toiletries & an item of make-up by Dec 9th. (Please do not wrap any items or put anything extra in so all the bags the same!)


Mince pies! We love them at Christmas. If you can donate some we would be very grateful. We offer them to women from the Outreach Van, we have them in the Drop-In every day over the festive season and we raise funds by selling them with a cup of fruit punch at the Christmas Fair! The more, the merrier!

If you can help us make Christmas special please contact Helen on


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