Academics from across the University have established a high-profile initiative designed to bridge the gap between world-leading research and policy makers.

MetroPolis is a research-led think tank that will amplify policy relevant research whilst building the networks and reach of staff who want to increase their policy impact. MetroPolis will be focussing on local and national level social policy, specifically in the areas of criminal justice, social justice, health and wellbeing, and education. Researchers from across the university are invited to submit ‘Big Ideas’, linking high quality research with these policy areas. These policy themes are subject to change on an annual basis, allowing MetroPolis to move in sync with the current policy environment.

MetroPolis is co-led by Professor of Evaluation and Policy Analysis, Chris Fox, Sam Gray, from the Office of Research and Knowledge Exchange, and External Affairs Advisor Michael Taylor. Metropolis is funded through the University’s Strategic Opportunities Fund.

The Chancellor’s Fellowship Scheme

This launch coincides with the announcement of an exciting opportunity for researchers who are committed to accelerating their policy impact. The Chancellor’s Fellowships provide funding, support and connections for staff who want to take up placements in organisations such as government departments, think tanks, charities and other commissioning bodies. If researchers have ideas on the ways in which their research can be translated into practice MetroPolis will enable them to facilitate progress.

To apply for the Chancellor’s Fellowship Scheme, in the first instance contact Emily Goodier:

Policy Training Sessions

The team behind MetroPolis has arranged a series of training sessions on how policy making works in practice. Sessions on evidence-based policy making and generating policy impact are designed to provide the practical hints and tips that are needed to translate research effectively.

Training sessions will be listed at:

MetroPolis Blog

The MetroPolis website is host to our blog, contributed to by the MetroPolis core team of researchers from across the university. The policy blog is used to address issues surrounding current policy and political events. The posts do not have to fit in with our policy themes, as mentioned above. The MetroPolis blog will be a place for interdisciplinary discussion surrounding all aspects of public policy. We invite researchers and academics from across the university to write as guest bloggers, subject to the submission of an initial blog idea pitch. Perspectives on policy or current events analysed through the lenses of gender, race, ethnicity, ability, age, class/socio-economic position and sexuality are greatly welcomed. MetroPolis strives to support diverse perspectives in order to foster discussion and collaboration.

Networking and Events

MetroPolis runs regular networking sessions and can help to organise policy-related events around themes connected to research. Full details and regular updates are on the website at: and on Twitter @mcrmetropolis.

For further information, please contact



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