It’s worse than we thought. Trump didn’t just reinstate the global gag rule; he expanded it.

In light of this, a generous donor will MATCH YOUR DONATION $1-for-$1 up to $10,000 to protect global women’s health and reproductive rights.

Your donation today will go directly to grassroots women’s groups around the world who will fill gaps in providing critical women’s health care impacted by Trump’s global gag rule—including HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, access to contraception, sex education for youth, maternal care, and more.

In one of his first executive orders, President Donald Trump made clear that global women’s human rights are at risk. On Monday morning, Trump reinstated the Mexico City policy, also known as the ‘global gag rule’, which bans U.S. federal funding for any international health organizations or NGOs around the world that counsel women on family planning options that include access to safe abortion.

Experts say that the expanded rule means that rather than having an effect on $600 million in U.S. foreign aid, the global gag rule will affect $9.5 billion. The result? Reduced resources not just for reproductive health information, but reduced access to birth control, sex education, and HIV testing.

Take action now to double your impact for global women’s rights. $25 becomes $50, and $100 becomes $200.

“This is much bigger than abortion,” said Musimbi Kanyoro, President and CEO of Global Fund for Women. “The global gag rule affects family planning, maternal health, HIV prevention and services, sex education for young people—it affects the whole of women’s health care around the world. Reinstating this policy directly targets the world’s women and girls, and rolls back reproductive health and rights around the world.”

This is a critical moment to get money and support to women’s movements working hard to resist rollbacks around the world, filling gaps in women’s health care, and educating women and girls on their rights.


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