Please tell your friends & networks!!

PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS & NETWORKS….about the forthcoming research seminar which presents cutting edge research on the gender pay gap – “Gender Pay Gap Reporting Regulations: a theoretical critique” – the speakers will be:

  • Emma Jeanes, University of Exeter
  • Carol Woodhams, University of Exeter

Then you are invited to join us for the screening of the film ‘Made in Dagenham’

An account of the true story of Rita O’Grady (Sally Hawkins) who works for the Ford Motor Co. plant in Dagenham, England. Despite performing the specialised task of sewing upholstery for car seats, women are classified as unskilled labor and paid much less than men. Encouraged by a sympathetic union representative, Rita agrees to bring the women’s grievances to Ford. The meeting goes badly and, outraged by the company’s lack of respect for them, Rita leads her colleagues to strike.

The Eventbrite link to book for this event is:

VENUE: Room LB02 (cinema), No 70 Oxford Road, Manchester; 3.00 – 6.15pm


PLEASE NOTE: For Health & Safety reasons there will be no admittance to the screening once the house lights have been lowered.


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