Jess Napthine, Research Group Officer, Faculty of Education reports on the International Women’s Day event on Self-defence

Jay Cahill and Richard Lawrence of Fighting Fit Martial Arts Centre and Keysi Northwest presented a self-defence session in the Geoffrey Manton. Jay led the session, focusing on presenting an air of confidence and asserting oneself when necessary. She explained how individuals could mitigate the chances of being involved in a dangerous situation through awareness of surroundings, using their voice and not being afraid to push someone away if they present a threat. Jay and Richard went on to demonstrate techniques for distance management and escaping from holds, which participants practiced against each other and the instructors. The participants got fully involved in practising the techniques and asked insightful questions to further their knowledge. The event was very well received and there was a marked difference in the confidence level among the participants.

I hope that this event inspires participants to continue furthering their knowledge of self-defence and that Jay and Richard can provide more sessions for us in future. For me, training in Keysi and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu have made a big difference to how I feel when walking around Manchester. Having an increased awareness of my surroundings and the knowledge that I could defend myself if I needed to give me confidence and peace of mind. Also, training at Fighting Fit is a really enjoyable way to keep fit and it is a really welcoming community.

If you want to find out more, please check out:

Copies of the following interview were also available at this event:

Suffrajitsu: Mrs. Pankhurst’s Amazons is a graphic novel trilogy portraying the adventures of an all-women secret society of bodyguards who protect the leaders of the radical suffragette movement during early 1914. The trilogy’s author, Tony Wolf, provided us with an exclusive interview about his work, what inspired him and the relationship between the suffragettes and martial arts.

Fighting Fit Martial  Fighting Fit Martial 2


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