Querying and Queering Masculinities Seminar/Workshop/Discussion Wednesday 21st June 2017: 12 noon – 4.30pm Bradford University School of Management

Men remain, in many ways, the unexplored but omnipresent Other in feminist and gender studies. The pages of the journal devoted to the study of Men and Masculinities speak of masculinities under threat: its latest edition explores vulnerability of older men to suicide, the male corset, the loss of manhood, vasectomies, circumcision and male infertility, and so on. At the same time, men remain the privileged side of the binary in male/female, masculinity/femininity. How then can we understand contemporary men and masculinities? We will seek answers to this question over the course of what should be a vibrant, intellectually-stimulating afternoon. Speakers include:

  • Nick Rumens: Queering hetero-masculinity in the workplace;
  • Stephen Linstead and Garance Maréchal: Re-reading masculine organization: Phallic, testicular and seminal metaphors;
  • Brendan Gough: Digital masculinities: identity work by men in on-line settings.

Venue: Heaton Mount, School of Management, Bradford University.

Cost: £50, to include pre-meeting lunch and afternoon tea.

For more information contact Nancy Harding (n.h.harding@bradford.ac.uk) or Hugh Lee (h.lee4@bradford.ac.uk) and to book:



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