14th December – Emmeline Pankhurst Statue update.

The statue of Emmeline Pankhurst, created by Hazel Reeves, is to be unveiled after a ceremony which begins at 12 noon, on 14th December.  Before that, two groups will march to St Peter’s Square to take part.  One will start from the People’s History Museum and the other from the Pankhurst Centre.  Both set off at 10.30 am.

Meanwhile, we will meet in All Saints Park from 10.30 to hear music from singer-songwriter Claire Mooney, including the song we commissioned Claire to write, for the centenary.  We will also hear from Megan Dobney who will update us on the progress towards a statue to our own Sylvia Pankhurst, in Clerkenwell Green, London.  We will then join the procession from the Pankhurst Centre and walk up Oxford Road to take part in the ceremony.

You can get involved! 

Please make a note in your diary now, bring your big coat and meet us in All Saints from 10.30 am on 14th December. 

Please also let Kate know if you are willing to be a steward for the walk up to St Peter’s Square.  

Please also let Kate know if you are able to carry (and preserve) the new Sylvia Pankhurst Gender and Diversity Research Centre banner when we join the procession. 

Finally, please spread the word about this event.  Share this post and follow us on Twitter for more updates.  

Thank you, Kate.


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