Academic-Activist Exigencies in Neoliberal Modernity: Transnationalizing Queer-Feminist Lives

Dr Niharika Banerjea, Ambedkar University, Delhi

With Professor Stephen Whittle, Manchester Metropolitan University

20th June 2019 at 1.30pm

Room 3.12, Business School, Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr Banerjea will reflect upon her work with Sappho for Equality, a queer-feminist organization in Kolkata. She will discuss how academic-activist transnational collaborations are one way to imagine queer futures and how stories of such collaborations need to be critically heard and discussed in order to disrupt processes by which queer lives are assimilated into cultural logics of development, state and market.

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Niharika Banerjea is Associate Professor at the School of Liberal Studies, Ambedkar University Delhi. Her research and teaching focuses upon transnational feminisms, queer lives and activisms, social theory, and collaborative ethnographies. Her co-edited collection Friendship as Social Justice Activism: Critical Solidarities in a Global Perspective was released by Zed Press in 2018. A second co-edited collection Lesbian Feminisms: Essays Opposing the Global Hetropatriachy will be published in August 2019.

This event is part of the SLSA sponsored series ‘Here versus There: Beyond Comparison in Queer and Sexuality Politics’



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