An evening with Rachel Mann for Transgender Day of Remembrance

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Plant a Seed for Gender Equality

Pankhurst Centre

Support The Pankhurst Centre’s Crowdfunding Campaign!

Here at The Pankhurst Centre, we’re gearing up to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the first women securing the right to vote in the UK in 2018 and we have some exciting news: We’ve just launched our very first Crowdfunding campaign to support us in building a Suffragette Garden that will pay tribute to Emmeline Pankhurst, to all those who have fought for gender equality over the past century, and to all those still experiencing social injustice today.

We have never done any Crowdfunding before and are equally excited and terrified…

Crowdfunding is an online platform where individuals come together and pledge to collectively help make something happen. It works on an all-or-nothing basis, so we need to make sure we reach our target in order to receive the pledges! The campaign will run for 35 days but we are most likely to be successful if we receive at least 30% of the pledges in the first week of the campaign – it builds momentum and shows those who don’t know much about us that there are people out there who really believe in the project.

As someone who is close to our work and understands our mission to challenge gender inequality and the violence and social injustice this fosters, we hope that you’ll support our campaign and help us to spread the word! The more people we can reach, the more likely we are to achieve our target and make our Suffragette Garden a reality.

Please take a look at our page and read more about the project and help us make 2018 memorable and significant for The Pankhurst and for all of the women and children who will benefit from your support!

Thanks in advance.

Bex Shindler
Fundraising & Development Manager






Call for papers – Legalities and Liveabilities: Making sense of the implementation of laws/policy and lived experiences of LGBTIQ/sexual and gender non-conforming people

Call for papers as part of the Irish Geographers Conference May 2018

Whilst there are extensive discussions of the social and cultural implications of legislations within geographies of sex and sexualities, much of this does not directly address legislation itself, its creation and implementation.  There are of course exceptions that this session seeks to build on and develop. The implications of legislations have received significant attention in queer studies, sexualities studies, as well as queer and sexualities geographies.  Similarly, issues related to gender and sexuality are of increasing concern in the field of legal geographies. Much of this discussion focuses on the legal inclusions of particular sexualities that then become part of the state and cultural norms, to the exclusion of other relationships, identities, practices and lives.  This is understood as not only being limited, but also potentially damaging for those who continue to be beyond recognition, and unrecognisable such that their lives are not lives.

This session is seeking papers that explores the importance and limitations of legislative changes to sexual and gender rights. Papers might address, but are not limited to:

  • Legislation and homonormativities/homonationalisms
  • Heteroactivism: resisting lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans rights and equalities
  • Legislative inclusions as perpetuating Global North/Global South hierarchies
  • Implementing legislation, how laws are practiced and resisted
  • Does someone always have to lose? Is progressive legislation possible?

This session will form part of the Conference of Irish Geographers, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in Maynooth University 10-12th May 2018. Full details of the full conference, entitled and updates can be found here:  To be part of this session, please send abstracts of no more that 250 words to and by the 2nd February 2018.

Please circulate widely

21st Century Man – be part of a national festival of social science

Wednesday, 8 November 2017 (12noon-5pm)

Manchester Metropolitan University, Faculty of Business and Law,

Lecture Theatre G35 

You are warmly invited to this FREE event as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science 2017 hosted by researchers from across the University

This unique, one-day inter-disciplinary conference will explore the challenges and complexities facing men in the 21st century. The topics debated will cover a range of themes on everything from hidden male voices to male childlessness; from youth loneliness and belonging, to male victims of honour-based violence. Colleagues from across Manchester Metropolitan University will showcase their research and invite debate and discussion from a guest panel of experts and an audience of experts from across the fields of health, law, education and society as a whole.

For further information about guest speakers and to book a place please follow the link below:

Katherine Roycroft

Research and Impact Manager

Faculty of Business and Law

Manchester Metropolitan University

Trafford Domestic Abuse Service shortlisted for Fountain Funding

TDAS is a friend of the Sylvia Pankhurst Gender Research Centre, having helped us with events in the past.  They are now shortlisted for funding from the Trafford Centre Fountain.  Please vote and share, if you would like to support them.

 The staff of TDAS say: “The funding will help us deliver a Domestic Abuse Community Awareness Programme, delivering our specialist programmes to women who have suffered DA, empowering them to change their lives and prevent them re-entering abusive relationships, along with our Young Persons programme to educate them about DA.” 

Dr Kate Cook,

Head of the Sylvia Pankhurst Gender Research Centre,

New Women in Justice Network for Manchester launched

Last week around 40 women attended the launch of a new network for women in Manchester. 

Founded by lawyers and people interested in a range of issues around justice, the “Women in Justice” network will meet again after the festive season; but in the meantime, you can get involved via Twitter by following @womeninjustice_

Founder, Anna Morris adds: “I am now going to set up a virtual network to keep the conversation going. This is likely to be using a platform called Ryver – It is a combination of WhatsApp and a facebook group where people can have conversations on a particular topic, or post a question out to the whole network. You will need to download the app for your phone, tablet or computer to use it. I will send on more information shortly.

We have also published a brand new blog piece this morning: – we will be working on the blog too, making it a bit more user friendly. If you would like to write for the blog, please email me at”

Thank you!

Dr Kate Cook


Mapping Abortion Trails from Ireland to England – ESRC Festival of Science Event

Manchester Metropolitan University, M15 6BH

November 7th 2017

Each year approximately 5000 women travel from the island of Ireland to England to access abortion services. Little is known about these journeys and the care women receive. This event will explore the trails women must make to get access to abortion. Participants will be invited to discuss and visually map the places and people that Irish women contact for abortion care before, during and after the procedure.

The event should begin what we hope to be an ongoing discussion with healthcare providers about developing specific care frameworks for Irish abortion travellers.

Refreshments will be provide.

Please reserve your place at:

More information on the background to the event is available through ESRC’s press release: